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Through live web cameras, it is possible to see that the city itself mirrors its volatile history: there are many buildings from the Middle Ages, Barocco, and Classicism eras, which attracts a lot of tourists.

The Old Town of Vilnius, like most other Old Towns of the Baltic States, is filled with magnificent churches and Cathedrals and even some structures from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

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Vilnius Crowne Plaza Panorama The capital and the biggest city in Lithuania and the second biggest in the Baltics, Vilnius is the richest historical and cultural center not only in Lithuania but also in the whole Baltic region.

The HD webcam Klaipeda view of the Klaipeda port shows many ships that move through the canal.

History Klaipeda was established in the 1250’s by Teutonic Knights as a strategic location from which to destroy pagan Baltic tribes. The first part of the city’s history had a strong German influence which can still be seen today on the Klaipeda live cameras.

Klaipeda was renamed in the 1600’s by the Lithuanian population living outside of the city.

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During the Napoleonic War, Klaipeda served as Prussia’s capital, having been part of the Prussian region since the 1500’s.After WWI, the non-German parts of Lithuania were annexed to other countries such as Poland and Denmark.