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20-Jun-2016 19:59

While it won’t drastically change your current workflow it can add an additional level of organisation to your sets, helping you remember things you usually wouldn’t.

I’ll share few uses for it that I’ve found handy in and out of the club.

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Such was also the case at this year's Golden Globes.

Seeing as Ramsay is a celebrity chef and all, you'd think his palate would be sharp enough to spot almost anything in the food, right? Ramsay, Fallon, and Questlove all struggle to correctly name the secret ingredients, which turn out to be Cool Ranch Doritos, Pop Rocks, and ground crickets.

Ramsay, however, ends up receiving half a point for writing down "popping candy" along with some obscenities, of course.

Sarah is presumably the first woman of any significance to tell the ever-naïve Christian "I have a boyfriend"; Chris was surprised to learn that his childhood gal-pal was romantically involved with Wes Iseli.

Upon making this discovery, he quickly developed an intense jealousy of Iseli (who he didn't even know) and resentment towards him that would set his state of mind for the impending Quest.The stated purpose of the Love Quest is to meet the woman who will be his true love, solve all his problems and bear his daughter, Crystal.

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