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18-Mar-2016 16:54

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Dann ruf einfach Linda an, besprich alles und vereinbare einen Termin.

An author, award-winning speaker and serial entrepreneur, Susan teaches from her own experience of watching her sex life diminish once the honeymoon phase was over.

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Mhere has since sent Susan packing after a six-year marriage blessed with three children.Susan and Gift had been communicating through Whatsapp since November last year while deleting their chats but the cat got out of the bag when she forgot to clear the recent explosive chats. Gift: R u going to ask me tht question Susan: Wch 1 Gift: Zt ol abut sex Susan: Hahaha i’ll b busy shying n lking at my 4ne Gift: Kkkk Susan: U knw whn im w u personaly I gt nervous Gift: Bt talkative whn im far Susan: Lol ooh uuu Susan: ?????????Gift: If I lick ‘them’ u close yo eyes I knw Susan: Kkkkk…….. Gift: Doit bbe Susan: Cme closer kani Gift: Oh um by yo back sue babe Susan: Hahahaha Gift: Sha urikudaro hako, mamirira ayakaita Susan: Eish…..??????Gift: Yea, u cnt go ndisina kukuona Susan: Manje hey ma1 shr Gift: Make sure u tel me exactly wr u r goin wnt to c u immediately Susan: K bbe Susan: I wlb msng u hny Gift: Same here bbe Susan: Oh sorry hny Gift: Luv u Gift: Ko y did u choose Norton Susan: Its hubby Gift: Its not economic stil coz its far frm twn Susan: Yaah Gift: Y ddnt u advise hm bbe Gift: Bbe Gift: Ey Susan: Saka uchandikwir* rinhi Gift: Bbe kkkk Gift: Unoda rini Susan: Takamborara tese here gara zviya Gift: Kurara? muchengete my great grandfather, mhamha mafuyana and my lil boy, not forgeting chibaba chacho. thr r sm orderz zvavarikuda kutipa bt ndezvekuvanyengerera. Gift: Sha ndirikunatsonzwa kuda kugara pedyo newe Susan: Nyeeepa hauskuda bbe Gift: Ndoda bbe Susan: Kkkkkk Susan: Saka ndodii, Huya kani Gift: Bbe kunevanhu Susan: Huya kaniii Susan: So dat I cn kss those sweet lips…..

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pray fo the launch before slpng wooo Susan: I’m so lonely Susan: Bbe Gift: Honestly we dnt go tht far. Susan: Yebo Gift: Sory ndati sei mabvunza zvakadaro. pirizi mai mwana hatidaro Susan: Hw wz ur day Gift: Tws so hectic bbe Susan: Hoo, hpe it went well Gift: Sue, yeat it went well Gift: Sue Susan: Wz already asleep Gift: K bbe Susan: Gift wa Sue Gift: Kkkkkkk Susan: Waaal, happy miiii Susan: ????????? um rlly sorry Gift: Kindly accept my apology Susan: Handisikuda Gift: Ummm kani Susan: Ndinyengerere… Patti Taylor’s Seduction Trilogy and Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, and Female Liquid Orgasm and Keep Her Coming by Tallulah Sulis.