Ted turner and dating

30-Mar-2016 06:20

At one point, he had, of course, he had gotten his debt up to billion, because he was able to get the Japanese and Mike Millikan with junk bonds to sort of believe in him. I never knew a president who wanted to leave the world a better place as much as he did.The Atlanta bankers didn't believe in him, wouldn't loan him a penny. Billion dollars to the United Nations, all of his environmental programs, his buying up, he owns more land than any American except the United States government.As Turner recalls, Levin went on to say, “Sorry, Ted, but you lose your vice-chairman title as well.” According to Levin, Turner offered to give up his vice-chairmanship in order to keep running the Turner Broadcasting division, which included CNN, TNT, Turner Classic Movies, the TBS Superstation, the Cartoon Network, the New Line Cinema studio, the Atlanta Braves baseball team, the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team, and Time Warner’s HBO. “I said, ‘This is the way we need to run the company.’”Turner protested, in a series of calls first to Levin, then to Steve Case, the C. He thought that he would prevail, and in early May—perhaps because he, like Levin, hates confrontation, or perhaps because making speeches has become his accustomed mode of communication and he had now spoken—Turner got on his plane and headed for New Mexico, where he owns a five-hundred-and-eighty-thousand-acre ranch, and where he had invited some friends to join him.Turner is America’s largest individual landowner, with nearly two million acres, or the rough equivalent of the land area of Delaware and Rhode Island combined. He was the largest shareholder in AOL Time Warner, owning around four per cent of the soon-to-be-merged companies; his celebrated name was on the door of a major division, Turner Broadcasting System; and his dimpled chin, gap-toothed smile, and pencil-thin Gable-esque mustache were recognizable everywhere.His life is documented by the framed magazine covers that crowd the walls of his Atlanta office: Turner in 1976, launching the first “Superstation,” by transforming a weak local television signal into a robust cable network; Turner in 1977, skippering his boat, Courageous, to victory in the America’s Cup; Turner pioneering the purchase of professional sports teams as cheap and reliable programming; Turner inventing the twenty-four-hour Cable News Network; Turner buying Hollywood film libraries to create new cable-television networks; Turner as Man of the Year.

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, Williams discusses how Fonda and Turner each coped when their marriage ended in 2001 after 10 years.

Fuqua had asked me to come back twice in very important positions, I don’t think he would object to me saying, as president of Fuqua Industries. In any case, a good friend of mine, Jerry Lindauer of Austin, Texas, he had been head of the National Cable Television Association, was also a very, very good friend of Ted's, he knew that Ted was looking for a new chief executive, a new president of CNN. He is out in orbit in new technology and global television and it is amazing how well it worked.

They had already elevated me out of, I tell people, one day I am responsible for 12,000 people, I am charge of overseeing properties in Denver, Dallas and Los Angeles, and after this, I am Vice Chairman, and I have a driver, a car and a secretary and a beautiful office and a huge compensation package. Ted is just has unbelievably original thoughts, you just can't figure out where they originated.

Ted Turner’s business successes didn’t end when, in 1996, Turner Broadcasting merged with Time Warner.

His influence at the world’s largest media company was pervasive; he played the role of crazy-uncle-in-the-basement whose large appetite for cost-cutting has to be appeased, and in the process he helped revive the company’s stock. of Time Warner, who told Turner what Turner had often told others: the company was going to reorganize.

Cohen’s column bizarrely drew “racism” accusations, and the Huffington Post even demanded he be fired. But Wednesday night, he took some time out from the raging debate, which also drew Stephen Colbert into the fray, to step out with Duff at a New York fund-raising gala for her organization, the Common Good.

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