The manhattan dating project

14-Dec-2016 14:28

and might end all war.”“And,” Rhodes adds, “within certain limits, I think he was right.” He asks his readers to go back in time.“We had been at war since the end of 1941, four long years, years of terrible loss of life, 55 to 65 million human beings killed worldwide, more lives lost than in any previous war in history, loss of life comparable to the devastation of some ghastly great plague, and every one of those lost lives a loss of love, of relation, of human potential, of another part of human innocence as well.”“We were angry with them, beyond describing,” he says. We escalated to firebombing and then to atomic bombing because we had no intention of allowing the war to drag on or to end in stalemate.

We intended to dominate, and we did.“I was eight years old in 1945, old enough to remember Pearl Harbor and the years that followed, old enough to remember gold stars hung against black crepe in the front windows of the houses of new-minted war widows and suddenly fatherless children, and I find much tragedy, but no dishonor, in our having used atomic bombs to hasten the end of a long and terrible war.”And did the atomic bomb end all war, as Oppenheimer said it might? But Rhodes notes a massive drop in the number of man-made deaths dating from the second half of the 20th century.

He writes: “Does anyone doubt that the United States and the Soviet Union would have gone to war, given their mutual belligerency and their mutually exclusive ideologies, if fear of nuclear retaliation had not kept the war cold?

We have now almost three quarters of a century of experience with a nuclear world, enough to say with some confidence that the discovery of how to release nuclear energy effectively ended world-scale war by making it too destructive – too self-destructive – for even the most belligerent nations and leaders to dare.”“…

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”He eventually gets to a quote from Manhattan Project leader Robert Oppenheimer, who told the scientists he recruited to Los Alamos that the work he was inviting them to join “would probably end this war …What types of things are men most looking for in a woman?

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