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02-Oct-2016 13:26

The latest version of the 2480 Operating System is 2.504 and is available in two versions, a CD image file (to be burned to CD for upgrade purposes) and a MIDI file (for upgrading the 2480 via midi). (Note: The 2.504 update addresses clocking and syncing issues with the DIF-AT and TDIF. Links to free downloads of both versions are listed below. If you do not use either of these items, you probably can do without the latest upgrade.) To update System Software via MIDI: 1. Because all 2480's are basically the same, upgrading to OS version 2.504 brings older 2480's to the same functionality as the newest 2480DVD. Simply upgrade your 2480HD or 2480CD, add an external DVD burner to your setup, and it's just like having a 2480DVD. Laura Tyson Roland Corporation US Press and hold the Track 1 STATUS and CH EDIT buttons while turning on the power switch.

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